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The best you can find in the area!

When I started my career as a hairdresser nearly 40 years ago times were very different.  Cosmetology and Barbering were separate schools and separate licenses.

After 3 short months working as a beautician I went back to school and received my Barbering license.  I worked 18 years at Housers Barbershop before returning to a unisex hair salon.  I do believe I have an advantage in the salon with the double the education and double the experience in two very different environments.

My strength is clearly in men’s cutting.  I am extremely proficient in precision freehand clipper cuts.  No attaching a guard and buzzing over the the head for me!  I have recently introduced an old-fashioned hot foam barber shave at our salon.  The shave has a new current twist in a private room in a more spa sitting rather than right out in the main work area.  It also includes a massage with essential oils.  45 minutes of guilty pleasure.  Give it a try gentlemen!

A complimentary shampoo is also available, so its easy to have your haircut and be rinsed out and ready to go back to work or to an event.  Stop and see me!